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Rock-solid websites are the foundation of effective digital marketing, communications, e-commerce and social media campaigns.

But, you can’t know if your higher education website is rock-solid without checking it.

We study higher education websites to identify and benchmark the critical issues and we publish the results here.

Our automated higher education website quality assurance service is founded on our research so you can find and fix issues from privacy and security, through social media usage and SEO, to website analytics and content.

Three Rs for Websites

Three Rs for Websites

Review, Reveal and Revise

We will be publishing a series of posts over the next five weeks, in which we will address key aspects of configuring an online education website, whether as a course provider or otherwise.  The topics to be covered are:

  • Content Management Systems
  • Page Set-up
  • Mobile Device Readiness 
  • Social Media Configuration
  • Website Analytics

The purpose of the posts is to educate online course providers and others in the e-learning world about best practice for website set up and configuration.   We are looking to bridge the 'communication gap' between content creators and content curators and provide the individuals that manage them with an overview of the issues. 

The content will be largely non-technical.  However, we will not shy away from being technical when needed to understand the issue.  At the end of each post you should be aware of the key set-up decisions that need to be made and the factors influencing the decisions.  You will then be able to discuss how your site should be configured, with your team. 

Discussion of website set-up and configuration usually focuses on search engine optimisation (SEO), because successful SEO leads to increased search ranking and visitor numbers. Our posts address what might be called pre-SEO. Before you can reap the benefits of SEO you need to have a website's basic elements configured appropriately, otherwise you diminish the user experience and the effectiveness of subsequent SEO efforts. 



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Rock-solid websites are a foundation of effective digital marketing, communications and social media campaigns.

You’ll only know if a site is undermining campaigns, harming reputations or creating risk exposures by checking it.


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