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Rock-solid websites are the foundation of effective digital marketing, communications, e-commerce and social media campaigns.

But, you can’t know if your higher education website is rock-solid without checking it.

We study higher education websites to identify and benchmark the critical issues and we publish the results here.

Our automated higher education website quality assurance service is founded on our research so you can find and fix issues from privacy and security, through social media usage and SEO, to website analytics and content.

Quick Test for Basic Website Issues

Quick Test for Basic Website Issues

Website Woes?

We use Google’s advanced search features extensively. Recently, we encountered an unintended benefit of one of these: site-specific searches.

Go to, scan to the lower half of the display for the "site or domain:” input.

Enter your site’s URL. Leave everything else blank. Hit the advanced search button. You’ll get a ranked listing of your site’s pages along with the total number of indexed pages.

Yesterday, we ran this ’search’ on a partner website. The listing showed us that its top ranked pages were all ones that had been hacked.

Running other sites through this ‘test' has highlighted broken links, page title and descriptions bloopers, various dubious pages and other errors.

You should see what a search of your site might reveal?

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Rock-solid websites are a foundation of effective digital marketing, communications and social media campaigns.

You’ll only know if a site is undermining campaigns, harming reputations or creating risk exposures by checking it.


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