Making higher education digital estates more effective

Universities meet their audiences' needs through the federated digital channels of schools, divisions, faculties and departments. Ensuring their digital estates work effectively relies on a myriad data-driven insights and decisions. We bring data and data interpretation to the process.

Data-informed insights for higher education communications, marketing, web and social media professionals so digital estates work more effectively

University digital estates

University operating units have significant leeway to construct online presences to address specific and changing audience needs. This results in complex digital estates tying together large collections of websites, social media and other digital channels.

Main websites exhibit the very best of user-centred design, but user experiences can drop off as visitors journey further into an estate and, analytics show audiences actually visit, interact with and view content estate-wide.

To improve digital experiences, and minimize risk exposures, assessing and improving effectiveness has to take place across an entire estate rather than just for individual websites or social channels.

University digital estate assessments

The ease of collecting data, performing analysis, developing insights and making data-informed decisions are core benefits of going digital. 

But, earning those benefits for a digital estate means gathering data from each website, sub-site, microsite and social media channel. And, given the size of higher education digital estate that process can involve inspecting tens of thousands of digital end-points.

Our software-driven assessments mimic website and social media channel visits. They reliably and automatically collect data from an estate's complex network of digital end-points, to present it for analysis and decision support.

University digital estate effectiveness

The purpose of assessments is to offer actionable insights that improve a digital estate's effectiveness. To do this we highlight five digital estate dimensions as components of our effectiveness quotient (eQ).

eQ assesses how well an estate supports typical website visitor top tasks, establishes the overall user experience, measures data governance quality, the level of digital optimization and audits the technologies in place to support internal and external user needs.

Combined, these characteristics evaluate how well estates meet their audiences’ needs, the objectives of internal stakeholders and the degree to which technology supports these goals.

Digital estates explained for communications, marketing, web and social media professionals

Complex networks of websites, social media channels, micro-sites and blogs make it harder for visitors to complete tasks or find information. Discovering the full extent of a digital estate is the first step to delivering an easier, more consistent user experience.


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