Higher Education Web Estates

Many universities have web estates with hundreds or thousands of websites

And they don't know how many they have or how to find them

We've fixed that by automating website discovery

Automated Higher Education Website Discovery

Many universities have web estates comprising hundreds or thousands of websites.

The problem is they don't know how many they own and they can't find them. That lack of oversight exposes institutions to risk.

We've fixed that by automating higher education website discovery.

And that means you can accurately assess the current situation while gathering evidence to support digital transformation.

Higher Education Web Estate Management

Websites found during site discovery runs can be allocated to separate registers grouping sites for ongoing monitoring.

Meticulous analysis combined with institution-wide outreach results in registers populated with accurate site ownership and other risk mitigation data.

And registers can be automatically updated as new sites come into existence and others get taken off-line.

Web Estate Register List of Registers

Higher Education Web Estate Monitoring

Web Estate Register List of Websites and Dashboards

Higher education website content changes constantly, to meet changing user needs, support new tasks, resolve issues and improve user experiences.

Rapid change means details can be overlooked, software updates missed or even create security and privacy issues.

We provide ongoing monitoring with scheduled content, technology, privacy, security and accessibility checking and reporting. So, you can see the bigger picture, manage risk and make decisions backed with accurate, timely data.

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.

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