Higher Education Web Estate Oversight

Decentralization leads to sprawling web estates

effective oversight strengthens branding, messaging and content quality making higher education digital marketing more effective

discover, log and monitor websites so that digital marketing and communications can yield its intended benefits

University and College
Web Estate Discovery

Web estate: the set of websites for which an organisation has technical responsibility and legal ownership.

Higher education institution websites typically come into existence independently and develop autonomously to meet their creators’ goals and objectives. Over time, this pattern of behaviour creates complex networks of sites, operating under a university’s domain name and outside as well.

Without high-level oversight, it is tough for institutions to know precisely how many websites they own, who has day-to-day responsibility or keep up with changes to the ‘network’.

And lack of oversight exposes institutions to a wide range of risks. Risks that can be mitigated and managed with data from comprehensive web estate surveys and audits.

University and College
Web Estate Data Collection

Informed by detailed higher education website research, our service maps entire web estates by scanning the millions of links between the constituent websites and microsites and their hundreds of thousands of pages.

Meticulous analysis of the data collected along the way combined with institution-wide outreach ensures that registry databases are populated with accurate ownership and website infrastructure information.

The registry’s database is the foundation for further web estate verification and analysis: identifying website content, technical configuration, webpage performance, web server and onpage security and privacy issues through standard querying and reporting.

All websites tracked in a registry

# ID Name Cat. Date Status CMS DNS IP Address
001 Biological Sciences U 2019-05-01 200 Drupal 8 bio.exampleu.ie
002 Computing Science F 2019-05-01 200 WordPress cs.exampleu.ie 125.349.250.101
003 Medical Sciences F 2019-04-15 301 Drupal 7 med.exampleu.ie
004 School of Engineering D 2019-02-15 200 Joomla 4 eng.exampleu.ie 99.325.103.109
005 Faculty of Arts F 2019-04-15 200 Sitecore arts.exampleu.ie
006 Celtic Studies D 2019-01-01 200 WordPress celtic.exampleu.ie

Web Estate Monitoring

University and College
Web Estate Monitoring

Agile methodology’s widespread adoption ensures websites are constantly updated: to better meet current needs, support new user tasks, resolve issues and improve user experiences.

At the same time, digital content is continually under revision, introducing the risk of errors or non-compliance with institutional policies.

The rapid pace of change makes it easy to overlook details, miss software updates or create security and privacy issues. It also makes it tough to see the bigger picture, manage risks and make decisions backed with accurate, timely data.

Our service supports user-defined scanning meaning web estate sites are regularly checked, issues identified and the relevant data available for reporting and oversight.

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