Website Audits and Quality Assurance

Rock-solid websites are the foundation of effective digital marketing, communications and social media campaigns
The only way to know if errors are undermining online campaigns, harming institutional reputation or creating other risk exposures is to check them

Websites are the most important communication channel to support and enable the core education and research activities at higher education institutions.

Most universities and colleges have formal enterprise risk management processes in place, but these typically overlook or exclude websites.

As a consequence, website content and configuration risks go unmeasured and are poorly understood.

Evidence from our extensive research supports placing higher education website risks into three categories:

Financial Risks

  • Content that is inaccurate, inappropriate, out-of-date or of low-quality
  • Content that is inaccessible to some visitors
  • Pages or sites that are not mobile friendly or responsive
  • Sites and pages with dated, non-standard or unclear branding
  • Pages with poor user experiences
  • Slow pages or overall poor performance
  • Pages not collecting meaningful analytical data to measure effectiveness

Legal & Regulatory Risks

  • Unmanaged use of cookies and third-party add-ins
  • Non-compliant data gathering forms and online surveys
  • Personal data exposed on web pages
  • Incomplete enforcement of online data privacy policies
  • Uncontrolled social media implementation

Security Risks

  • Unpatched/obsolete content management systems software
  • Unpatched web server software
  • Incomplete HTTPS implementations
  • On-page security issues

Research-based Audits

Our automated higher education website quality assurance service scans hundreds or thousands of individual web pages examining their content and structure to find and report potential issues, errors and opportunities for improvement.

Our scanning algorithms are based on research from hundreds of higher education websites, on dozens of content management systems, and are attuned to the typical structure and content of university and college sites.

By finding privacy, security, social media, accessibility, SEO, web analytics and content related issues, we can help you cut website risks, boost content quality and let your site deliver the user experience it was built to do.

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