tools and services for digital in higher education

Built on a foundation of detailed research and analysis of higher education websites and web estates

We’ve built our tools and services through scanning hundreds of university and college websites and web estates and hundreds of thousands of webpages.

We’ve used the knowledge gained to upgrade and adapt our ability to scan and parse websites and webpages so that we can deliver results with the highest levels of confidence.

University and College
Website Research

Higher education’s decentralised and incremental approach to building digital services produces highly complex digital ecosystems.

Building tools and services to extract key data to understand those ecosystems requires deep understanding of technological infrastructure, web development standards and actual implementation practices.

We’ve developed the appropriate expertise through detailed research reviewing and parsing the contents, structure and configuration of hundreds of thousands of higher education web pages, so that you can measure, understand and manage your web estates and wider digital environments.

Higher Education
Website Analysis

Extracting data from higher education’s complex digital ecosystems is only a partial solution to understanding and managing websites and entire web estates. 

Further value comes from meticulous data analysis, founded on deep knowledge of how digital ecosystems are actually constructed.

Full value comes from analysis presented in clear, plain English with actionable recommendations informed by the underlying data.  That’s what we do.

When you're ready to make decisions about better understanding your web estate or the content, SEO, configuration, infrastructure or security of individual websites or you need data to bring order to digital chaos, our tools, services and knowledge of higher education digital environments will deliver the answers.


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