EU and US Higher Education Content Management System Comparison

Four open-source CMSs WordPress, Drupal, Typo3 and Joomla run almost 3 of every 4 EU tertiary education institution’s main websites: 1,322 of 1,834 sites or 72.1% of all institutions.

Almost 3 in 5 (57.8%) higher education websites in our dataset use WordPress or Drupal. The next 20% (409/2,039) of sites run on one of three commercial CMSs, Cascade CMS, OU Campus or TerminalFour.

The same application that gathered data from over 5,000 post-secondary websites to figure out who uses which content management system could be helping you better understand your institution's web estate.

We can map all the sites you own and ensure you have current data about each site's technology, content and structure to ensure you're delivering the digital experiences your audiences deserve.


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