Ever feel your organization's lost track of its digital presences?

estimated number of websites in the digital estates of pharmceutical companies

Ever feel your organization's lost track of its websites, social media and other digital content?

Almost every major business enterprise we encounter has a digital estate comprising hundreds (or thousands) of websites, social media accounts and content hosted on external platforms. 

And, almost every one of those businesses has social media presences, websites and other digital content that it has completely lost track of or didn't know about in the first place.

The chart shows initial findings for a selection of global pharmaceutical companies, based on a series of high-level scans. As a result, we're confident the numbers underestimate the totals.

Mergers, acquisitions, new products, new services and marketing campaigns all propagate new online presences, while often sidelining old ones that never quite get cleaned up. At the same time, while digital transformation projects focus new processes on customers, they can still leave them visiting multiple websites to understand the available solutions available.

One way or another sprawling digital estates mean customers, business partners, investors, the media and other audiences can face complex and confusing journeys as they seek to complete tasks or find information.

A first step to making digital content more effective is to find, assess and collate the data about a digital estate's websites, social media and third-party hosted content.


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Blog photo image: unsplash.com/pexels.com