Have you Checked Google Analytics is Correctly Installed?

blank sheet of paper symbolising missing Google Analytics tags

Have you Checked if Google Analytics is Correctly Installed?

Asking For a Friend

Have you recently checked that Google Analytics (or other JavaScript tags) is properly installed? And, it is collecting visitor activity and behavioural data on all relevant web pages? What about other third-party tags?

Why do we ask? Because a recent incident, caused by a template change on a popular open-source CMS in higher education, meant key website pages ran for weeks without GA installed. No data. No way of measuring whether the changes had their intended impact.

The site was even using Google Tag Manager to oversee audio/video players, chatbots, multiple site analytics and social media and comment add-ins.

Trust, But Verify

The moral of the story is that in a digital world measuring responses to advertising, gathering site analytics and hosting customer interaction applications is too important to leave to chance.

Manage tags with a tag manager (such as GTM). But, also run regular, systematic page-level tag verification. Make sure those tags are present and loading on all pages.

And, if you are worried about the performance impact of ‘too many’ tags, have a look at our article, How to Stop Tags Choking University Website Performance.

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