Getting Ready for Voice Search

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Getting Ready for Voice Search

One of OHO Interactive’s nine higher education digital marketing objectives for 2019 is mastering voice search.  As OHO reports in a blog post, voice search is set to become key to universities’ SEO strategies. And, given mobile device search growth this would a trend to be in front of.

Voice search works hand-in-hand with structured data, a way of providing explicit page and page content information that Google can understand.  Google can more readily identify addresses, telephone numbers, contacts, events and more on structured data encoded pages, to give faster more accurate answers.

Is higher education ready for voice search?

chart showing relative proportion of UK and Canadian universities using structured data mark-up on their home pages

Proportion of UK and Canadian University Home Pages with Structured Data Mark-up Present

For a quick answer we scanned 300 plus home pages of UK and Canadian university websites.  About one in four sites is already using structured data mark-up on its home page.  We’d assume more resources will be put into optimising voice search SEO in 2019.



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