Higher Education Web Governance

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Higher Education Web Governance

Since returning from the iwmw18 conference I’ve had numerous conversations about higher education web governance. Web governance is important because it provides a framework for streamlining and facilitating decision making about websites and digital content.

But, universities and colleges can be tricky environments in which to ensure the appropriate individuals, groups or committees make these decisions. 

The complexity arises from the fact that universities are hybrid organisations. Higher education institutions simultaneously exhibit elements of being networks and hierarchies. 

As a result, although decisions are arrived at through consensus, this can happen without necessarily recognising that digital marketing, web design and IT infrastructure expertise exists outside the senior leadership ranks. And, fully engaging that expertise is vital to online success.

As Mark Greenfield put to me in my most recent conversation on web governance, the concept can be summed up as “deciding who gets to decide”.

Following this precept lets universities mimic commercial entities in setting a digital strategy and then handing execution to those most qualified to do it successfully.