Effective Higher Education Websites Stand on Solid Foundations

image of men working on a building site

Effective Higher Education Websites Stand on Solid Foundations

Have you ever watched one of those television programmes, in which a builder comes in to help a home owner decide which of her ideas for improvements makes the most sense to carry out? 

What happens, every time? The builder always recommends mending roofs, sorting out plumbing, underpinning foundations or upgrading wiring. Why? Because, tackling the building’s infrastructure first means that new kitchens or fancy bathrooms aren’t later ruined by leaks, electrical faults or cracked walls. 

The same principle holds true for higher education web estates.

Just like the builder, it makes sense to check the condition of the collection of hardware and software used to host public-facing websites and then resolve the issues a survey uncovers. Why? Because, this is the best way to provide a consistent user experience, improve security/privacy and compliance with legal, regulatory and policy guidelines.

Unlike our metaphorical house, web estates and their sites are continually under renovation, with new pages and fancy ‘widgets’ being implemented daily. 

As a result, ensure that your infrastructure can meet the challenges being imposed on it, by by scheduling regular web estate inspections.