Mobile Friendly? Now You Can Measure How Much

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Mobile Friendly? Now You Can Measure How Much

Following careful analysis of your online education or training website, multiple passes through Google's Mobile Friendly Test and trips to Stack Overflow you’ve probably conquered Google’s recent algorithm change to favour mobile devices.

If you haven’t quite got there yet, run your home page URL thorough this: and start your education here:

To improve website management in the post-mobile friendly world, Google has just announced an upgrade to its Google Webmaster Tools (you are using GWT, aren’t you?) to improve search traffic analysis.

You can now segment and filter your data to better analyse search traffic. Specifically, you could start using the new capability by comparing mobile search traffic pre and post the mobile-friendly update implemented on 21 April 2015.

Give the new Search Analytics a try, we already like it.  Full details here:



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