Turning digital estate surveys, measurement and mapping exercises into actionable insights communications, marketing, web and social media professionals can use

With more than 1.2 billion web servers, hundreds of millions of active websites, social media and other messaging channels it can be difficult to separate the signal from the noise

Corporate ESG Rating and Digital Estate Complexity

Revenues in USD billions vs. digital estate complexity vs. ESG rating

Software-based data collection ensures repeatability

Our software can scan thousands of sites and hundreds of thousands of pages and links accumulating data elements for further analysis.

We assess digital estates and their websites across three broad categories, platform, communication and audience: addressing technological fit, messaging and the ability to meet user needs.

A structured methodology increases reliability

We use a 15-dimension, 45-metric evaluation framework to ensure analysis is consistent over time and across estates. The framework and its associated data provides the foundation for a wide range of cross-organization benchmarking.

We summarize our analysis as a single measure: eQ (effectiveness Quotient).

eQ Digital Estate Scoring Framework

Platform | Communication | Audience

Platform Communication Audience
Performance Social Media Customers/Future Students
User Experience Community Investors/Alumni
Accessibility Messaging Media
Data Governance Feedback Career Seekers/Employees
Leading Practices Governance Information Partners/Suppliers

Social Media Analysis EU Universities

Analysis of top Facebook accounts for EU (including UK) universities

Careful analysis yields actionable insights

Our assessments are principally quantitative, but strictly numerical measures aren’t sufficient.

So, we support our assessments with expert judgement, particularly when evaluating the degree to which websites address audience information needs and task completion.


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