Sample Digital Estate Analysis

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We ran a sample scan of Electrolux Group's digital estate, starting at and limiting the overall number of sites scanned to 500. Experience suggests we have examined about 50% of the total number of Electrolux online presences. We excluded any Electrolux Professional online presences from our scan.

Chart 1 provides a sense of the Electrolux Group's digital estate complexity. It plots the relationship of the main Electrolux Group website to the network of subsidiary online presences. 

We've pulled out three areas of general interest from the data.

  • Website audience analysis. In Chart 2 we show the relative weighting of online presences by their intended or implied audience.
  • Website role analysis. Chart 3 plots the proportion of websites by theirintended or implied role. 
  • eCommerce website analysis. Chart 4 plots the proportion of eCommerce sites in a number of key geographical markets against that market's share of 2019 Electrolux Group sales.

Our scan was limited to 500 sites. Therefore, the chart data is only illustrative and should be viewed as such.

Electrolux Group Online Presences

Chart 1: A network diagram illustrating the connections between the websites uncovered in our sample (maximum of 500 websites) scan of Electrolux Group's digital estate (set of online presences) starting from

The dark blue node represents the scanning start point, Yellow-coloured nodes represent websites found on Red-coloured nodes represent sites found further from the start point. Grey-coloured nodes represent Electrolux sites not found via links from

Hover the cursor over any node to see the website name. Drag the nodes to re-orient the diagram.

Electrolux Group Website Audiences

Chart 2: A plot showing the proportion of websites by audience category.

We identified 10 audience categories. Almost 50% of all the discovered sites are configured to addess a mixed audience comprising customers, the media within specific geographical markets and the wider community within that market or language group.

Approximately 40% of sites address end-user or customer audiences.

Electrolux Group Website Roles

Chart 3: A plot showing the relative proportion of roles websites have within the 500 site sample.

We identified 27 distinct roles. The tree diagram shows the first 18 of these representing 97% of the identified websites. Hover a cursor over the chart for more information. Almost 50% of all the discovered sites play a local market corporate role - namely, in specific geographical markets these sites are intended to meet the needs of customers (without being a dedicated eCommerce site), provide information for local media and provide information for wider audiences about Electrolux and its business(es) in that market.

About 1 in 5 of the discovered sites have an eCommerce role - allowing local market customers to buy appliances or spare parts online.

Electrolux Group eCommerce Website Analysis

Chart 4: This chart reports the proportion of eCommerce websites in specific countries versus that country's share of Electrolux Group sales in 2019.

Our sample scan identified 74 eCommerce websites in 32 countries and two further eCommerce landing page sites aiding customers in finding the site for their home market. We noted post-scan that our sample uncovered few US or Canadian sites. The analysis excludes a signficant market, which a comprehensive scan would correct.

Australia has 10 distinct eCommerce sites (13.5% of all eCommerce sites), but represented only 4% of 2019 Group sales. Conversely, Brasil represented 11.9% of 2019 Group sales, but has only 2 eCommerce sites (2.7% of all eCommerce sites).