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Site Discovery Summary

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We ran detailed scans of the and domains to identify any additional websites, subsites or microsites that might belong to these domains.

The results summarized below indicate that the Lumino/iptiQ digital estate is compact and does not contain large numbers of additional websites. 

We note that the following links are referenced in pages in the Lumico website, but clicking these links does not successfully load the associated webpages:


Site discovery scans analyze and collect dozens of website data and metadata elements. We've summarized a few of these elements in the table, including the page loading speed (in milliseconds) and the content management system used to publish the webpage content.

The table reads as follows:

  • Id – a unique id assigned to each site found in the site discovery exercise.
  • Icon – the webpage icon or logo. This is typically displayed in a browser tab. Icon mismatches can reveal digital estates with content maintenance challenges.
  • Site – websites found during the site discovery exercise. Discovery exercises can locate 'duplicate' sites as well as sites that no longer load correctly. Click on the link to view the site.
  • Timing – the number of seconds elapsed after the run was initiated to when the site was found.
  • Discovered by – there are three general approaches to finding ‘relevant’ sites: checking sites linked to the security certificate for the originating site; matching domain names; or text matching. We’ve built a reference database to speed up matching sites to ‘owners’, based on earlier data gathering exercises.
  • Found at – the page on which the site was discovered. Again, clickable for verification purposes.
  • Page Title – the title text on the discovered site to aid identification of discovered sites.
  • Page Speed – measured page loading speed in milliseconds.
  • CMS – the content management system publishing page content.
id icon Site Timing Discovered by Found At Page Title Page Speed (ms) CMS
1 +00s Domain name match Affordable Life Insurance Company | Lumico Life Insurance 8900 Kentico CMS
2 +45s Domain name match iptiQ 10800 N/A
3 +01:52 Domain name match iptiQ 4000 N/A
4 +01:53 Domain name match Transforming insurance. Powering your progress. - iptiQ Global 5500 WordPress 5.6
5 +01:53 Domain name match Transforming insurance. Powering your progress. - iptiQ US 4800 Hubspot
6 +01:54 Domain name match 4850 Hubspot
7 +02:09 Domain name match Sign in · GitLab 1800 N/A
8 +02:10 Domain name match Nuestras ofertas - iptiQ ES 5700 WordPress 5.6
9 +02:19 Domain name match Transforming insurance. Powering your progress. - iptiQ ANZ 6200 WordPress 5.6
10 +02:29 Domain name match Wie wir Sie erfolgreich machen - iptiQ DE 7600 WordPress 5.6
11 +02:37 Domain name match Notre offre - iptiQ FR 6250 WordPress 5.6
12 +02:55 Domain name match La nostra offerta - iptiQ IT 5600 WordPress 5.6
13 +03:17 Domain name match Ons aanbod - iptiQ NL 6000 WordPress 5.6
14 +03:30 Domain name match Was wir bieten - iptiQ CH 6100 WordPress 5.6
15 +03:38 Domain name match Our offer - iptiQ GB 5900 WordPress 5.6


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