Monitoring, Quality Assurance and Data

Higher Education Websites

At many higher education institutions website creation and maintenance is carried out autonomously so that no one knows how many sites exist, the state they are in or the risks they represent.

Restore order, reduce risk and make sites more effective by using our web estate registry service to find, log and monitor your websites.

Higher education institutions with large collections of websites expose themselves to poorly quantified security, legal, regulatory and financial risks.

Reduce risk and restore order using our web estate registry service to identify, log and continuously monitors sites.

The effectiveness and visitor experience of content-rich, complex higher education websites suffers when errors, quality and configuration issues creep in.

Boost quality, track changes and cut risk exposures through scheduled systematic quality assurance scanning.

Web and social media analytics let you measure your websites' effectiveness. unfortunately, these metrics really don't provide context.

Our datasets let your web team see leading practices for sites, content and supporting infrastructure.


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