Manage, monitor and audit higher education websites and digital content

monitor web estates | minimize website errors | make better decisions

At many universities decentralized content creation and decision making has produced sprawling web estates.

The result can be fragmented user journeys, uneven visitor experiences and risks to reputation, security and privacy.

Discover your web estate's structure and log critical data with our web estate registry service, then continuously monitor sites to deliver better overall digital experiences and minimize risk exposures.

Higher education websites undergo continual content, layout and technology updates.

Rapid change can introduce tough-to-detect errors causing issues with content quality, site performance or even security.

Regularly scheduled QA scanning reduces errors, cuts risk exposures and lifts quality, so that college and university websites can deliver their intended user experiences.

The complex digital ecosystems that post-secondary institutions have built make extracting decision-making data difficult.

Planning marketing and communications campaigns, rolling out content strategies or identifying market opportunities or security and privacy risks all need reliable data.

Our software reliably extracts data about content, structure, performance and configuration from deep inside digital ecosystems so that decision making and digital strategies can be appropriately supported.


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